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Our three-step process

Our approach

introduction & offer

A website creation at `U buy always begins with an introductory meeting where we discuss your wishes. We listen to your ideas and we ask about the different functionalities that your website should contain.

After the meeting, we can send you a customised quotation which describes what will make your website a success.

Branding & Webdesign

Branding: First, we look at your brand identity. Is it up to date? Does it appeal to your target group?  Web Design: How do we tell your Brand Story in a distinctive way? How do we entice your visitors to do business with you? How do we get the most out of your business website?

We then present the design to you during a brainstorming session, during which you can give extensive feedback


After we process the feedback, we review the custom design together. Only when you are satisfied, we start developing the website.

Development & Training

After completing the design, we immediately start developing the website. We build your website in such a way, that you can easily edit all texts and images yourself.

In our development environment you can follow the progress of your website 24/7.

On our development page you can follow the progress of your site 24/7. When we are done developing, we present the website to you during the training.

During this training we teach you to change all texts and images, so you can do this yourself. There is also plenty of time during the training to give feedback. Because we do not work for you, but with you.

Support & maintenance.

The website is launched and this immediately delivers results: better findability in Google, more qualitative visitors and a higher conversion ratio.

Our custom made websites are built so flexible that we can guarantee a professional development.

We can help you with a SEO optimisation, a maintenance contract, improvements and security checks of your website. We want your site to function optimally and stay up to date.

About us

We realise online success together


We are big enough to make your perfect custom website and small enough for a personal approach. We don’t work for you, but with you. From strategy, working method and design to development; we listen to your ideas. Together we look at and analyse the goal you have in mind and map out your target group. In a so-called storyboard we draw out the various possibilities. This is how we reach the right insights and realise your objectives. This is how we translate your ambitions into a professional online website.

Customised websites.




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Please feel free to contact us for an informal intake meeting or request your free quote and receive a response within 24 hours. We obviously do not bind you to anything and treat your information confidentially.