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Why choose `U Buy?

We are a full-service web design agency for design, strategy, development and hosting. We make custom websites that move the right target group. Together we look at and analyse the goal you have in mind and map out your target group. This way, we come to the right insights and realise your objectives.


Our working method is personal. You, the client, are explicitly involved in the process. You play the leading role, with support from our team. Thanks to short feedback loops between you and our professionals and developers, we quickly achieve visible results. Our solutions are therefore robust and flexible.


In order to build websites and applications sustainably, we have strict quality guidelines, against which every project is tested. These guidelines can be adapted or extended according to your needs. Each solution thus meets your personal requirements.


Change is the only constant. Do your wishes change or do new needs arise? Then it is possible to make adjustments at any time. Thanks to our automated tests, you can be sure that changes will not cause unforeseen problems.


During and after the development of your project, we are always ready to answer your questions or solve problems. Where necessary and in cooperation with other parties, we are always available to help you with any technical problems.


Continuous learning is a requirement for us. We always keep an eye on the latest technologies and apply them when it makes sense. As a logical consequence, your application will also consist of a healthy mix of innovation and stability.


Thanks to open source software, we often build on the shoulders of others. Because it is important for us to give something back now and then, we also maintain various open source projects ourselves. We also like to share our knowledge in articles and regularly contribute to meetings.

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We are the full-service partner in the field of online. `U buy designs websites, develops customised solutions, outlines your online strategy and ensures that your target group finds you flawlessly.


In order to achieve your goals and make the project successful, we find the right team with the right expertise together. And we work together intensively: Your team is our team. We do not work for you, but with you. We help you with our proven methods and work ethic to make the collaboration run as smoothly as possible.


We work consciously. We do whatever it takes to get the best result. Whether we do this in a scrum, design sprint or with workshops. In a way that suits you, us and the assignment. We think research is important.

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We believe that a continuous process of building, measuring and improving has the best chance of online success. Together we know more and achieve results sooner.

Thierry Alen


Thierry Alen has a clear vision on digitalisation. With more than 30 years of experience in the technology sector, Thierry Alen can rightly be called an expert when it comes to digital transformation and digitalisation projects.

Jenish Mandalia

Chief Development

Over the past ten years, Jenish worked with Web development companies and Branding Agencies to achieve their development goals. Jenish ensures client satisfaction and guide UBuy’s strategy and growth. His passion is using his skills to tackle problems by delivering outstanding designs for various businesses. With openness, integrity, and a true passion for problem-solving, Jenish is a real champion for clients.

Tereza Rambler

Creative Director

Tereza is an idea maker with over a decade of expertise in digital marketing. With her ability to turn ideas into reality, she breathes life into brands through marketing, branding, and social media strategies. Tereza will ensure that your brand consistently delivers imaginative and original content to your target audience with her copywriting, graphic design, and motion design skills.

Customised websites.


Website, logo, illustrations


Website, logo, artwork

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Please feel free to contact us for an informal intake meeting or request your free quote and receive a response within 24 hours. We obviously do not bind you to anything and treat your information confidentially.